In Dhordo, there exist special of male and female lapwings (scientific name: VANELLUS), called Titodo or Titibhi and Titodi or Titibhi respectively. This lapwing bird is also called peewit or peewee, sandpiper (scientific name: ACTITIS HYPOLEUCOS) of Europe, the spotted sandpiper (scientific name: ACTITIS MACULARIA) and the least sandpiper (scientific name: EROLIA MINUTILLA) of North America. The sandpiper is a shore inhabiting bird or usually find near rivers or lakes in Europe and the northern part of the world. But the landwings (peewits or sandpipers), apart from their being in Europe and the northern part of the world, are as far as Asia is concerned, found only and very only in 3 sites at village: Dhordo strip area (right from white Rann/White desert to as far as Dhordo village) of Dhordo, Udhama and Lewari small villages of group villages called Banni in Khavda tehasil of Kutch district of Gujarat state of India. The lapwings that are nowadays found fading and are in sight within these villages in Kutch.

Likewise, many Siberian birds of different species hailing from the northern countries owing to severe cold are also noticed migrating in hundred and thousands numbers, traveling thousands of kilometers from the colder regions of the north to the desert area of Kutch here. Among these species, Kunj birds called Demoiselle Crane (scientific name: ANTHROPOIDFS VIRGO) in English and Flamingo (Surkhab), which is a bird is also noticeable site in this area.

Kunj Bird:

Demoiselle crane (Kunj bird) is of 3 to 4 feet in size weighing 8 to 15/20 kgs. While howling this bird’s sound is heard far away to the distance of 3kms. These birds, hailing from Afghanistan, are noticed usually flying our in the very line, forming a flock of 1000 in numbers, and they settle in groups on water or desert. Several birds out of the group keep others take rest by sleep. Fleming birds gather together in large groups in the area called a Flamingo City in the desert, which is located approximately 40kms interior in-between Indian and Pakistani border. Hence one has to cut considerable distance to get access there. These flamingo birds breeding process is so much high that every where their eggs are noticed and found in lacs of number in the area, where no one is able to set the foot on ground, and surrounding it, exists depression and thus, a tiny island has come into being, which is inaccessible, even for animals that can not enter and as such it is also the different place for tourists too.

One pond, situated in the village Chhari Dhandh and engulfed by rainy waters, where generally overseas birds fly over and reach just to satisfy their thirst and studded with fish can be accessible to the heart of it by a boat. But nowadays, so many tourists flock to the pond. So the birds traveling flying overseas are flustered by the hustle and bustle movements of the tourists.

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