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Banni is a larger area of Khavda tehasil (block) of Kutch district of Gujarat state in India. There are 40 villages situated in the Banni area. Dhordo village has been situated as a last village in the area. There are such villages as they have only 15 houses at all. Such fifteen-odd houses having livestock of approximately 600 to 800 in are considered small villages. And now as for the village Dhordo, it has had 70 houses, having 450 odd population of communities of Mutva (90%), Sheikh (8%), and Harijan (2%) involved in doing the jobs of various handicrafts popularly well know as ‘Banni Handicrafts’ which have become famous world across. Here the minutes of minute and expensive embroideries and mud work are done. Their craftsmanship and artistic works are so much excellent that craftsmen/artists have been honoured by national awards.

These people subsist and depend mainly on doing mud works, godadi works (very small quilts), patch – works, hand made embroideries as craftsmen and others on livestock as pastoralists (Maldharis). Inspite of being a last remote village in the Banni area, Dhordo has assumed the status of a high – tech village, having the facilities of ATM being run on the solar system, a higher secondary school with latest computers. Thus Dhordo stands out as a model village in Kutch, attracting the industry like Bromine industry and tourism. A solar plant covering the whole village for adequate power – supply for it has been installed. Not only this but as for the water – supply particularly the drinking water, it has been managed by the filtration of the collected water of the pond, which is maintained and becomes useful in the critical situation of shortage of water in summer.