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Kutch, which is known as the largest district of India is famous for its huge collection of the oldest monuments, seashores, white Rann of Kutch, colourful and unique culture and so it is the perfect destination for any tourist.

Kutch tourism has a vast verity to make the tourist never regret on the decision. It is famous for the White Rann of Kutch which is dessert made of salt and is known for Rann Utsav. Along with the desert, it is also famous for its seashores, which are situated in Mandvi Taluka and at Narayan Sarovar-Koteshwer area.

It is also blessed with its religious background by having Mata Na Madh, an old temple of devi Ashapura along with the oldest civilization of Harappa in the form of Dholavira, Khirasara, Kotada.

The tourism of Kutch has also got a wide range of hills which is known as Black Hills of Kutch along with India’s border view at Dharmashala as well as some old monuments such as Aaina Mahel, Prag Mahel, Vijay Vilas palace and Kodai’s Shiv Temple

Kutch tourism includes amazing shopping destinations such as Shrujan and other regional markets famous for bandhani, hand woven kala cotton, lather items, copper items and mud work frames and pots etc.

Kutch tourism also includes the famous food items such as dabeli, mitho mavo, rotla and of course Kutchi Kesar Keri.

Super star Shree Amitabh Bachchan has also said: “Kutch Nahi Dekha to Kuchh Nahi Dekha”.

During the winter season, one must visit the Kutch during Rann Utsav